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Meet Kodie

Meet Kodie

Hi, I'm Kodie & I want to help you with your chaos!

I'm a military wife and mom to a rambunctious little boy and I know messy!

With military life organization was key to keep our lives in order and preparedness for deployments, new duty stations, and cross country moves. I always had to find a balance between working full time,play dates, dog groomers, and making sure we all got a balanced meal at the end of the day at an appropriate time. 

Organized Chaos by Kodie was born when I found myself in a new state and in a new home. I took some time to myself before joining the workforce again and thought it would be so great to do something I truly love and enjoy fulltime. With encouragement from my family and will to succeed, my new career was launched and currently servicing the Southern Maryland area and where ever else the military takes us.

Organization comes second nature to me and I truly enjoy helping others achieve their organizational goals.I love the process ,while it scares many people seeing everything coming out ,I truly enjoy the sorting and touching of items and hearing the stories of all the knick knacks I come across and how they became part of someone's home. I have a bubbly and funny personality and can be quirky at times . I enjoy my days with clients and we laugh together across the things we find and I'm always a lending ear when the process gets too overwhelming and emotional for some. I take my work very seriously and want to make people feel safe and unjudged and that there is light at the end of tunnel and together we will make it there.